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Scientists have projected sea level rises of up to 2m this century.  Rising seas mean storm tides will reach further and higher, getting into more properties and causing more damage.  Many properties that are low risk today will have a considerable risk by the end of the mortgage.

We use the best available science from organisations like CSIRO, BOM, IPCC and ACE CRC,  and cross-compute it with data about your property using probabilistic risk engines.  

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Read about some of the risks to property owners and buyers in these reports: 


This report from Australian Government assesses the scale of climate change risks to buildings around Australia's coast.

This report examines where local councils could be liable for risks from climate change, and where they have protection under state government legislation.


This report examined insurance premiums in sample high risk areas around Australia.  Premiums were found to vary considerably, and in some places, unavailable.